Better Delivery

This two week "intervention" transforms your organisation's

  • understanding of DevOps,
  • its attitude to DevOps,
  • and its ability to execute on DevOps,

in order to transform the delivery of new value to the organisation through IT change.

i.e. get new and improved IT development to the business faster with better quality through DevOps.


  • Increase individual understanding
  • Increase understanding of the change delivery systems in the organisation
  • Identify opportunities to improve the system
  • Create a roadmap for the organisation to improve flow of change value



  • Skype planning sessions

Week 1

  • Meet with executive sponsor(s)
  • Familiarisation workshops and interviews for the facilitator
  • Introduction to DevOps presentation
  • DevOps Foundation® course and certification
    (if English is not your first language then we will look at options for sourcing the course locally)
  • Phoenix Project simulation game
    Immersive experience to create tangible learning of DevOps


  • Sunday night planning session and briefing for key stakeholders

Week 2

  • Workshops
    Creating tangible metaphors -> to surface the knowledge and understanding of skills and systems,
    to determine
    • Current inventory
    • Desired business outcomes
    • Next desired state achievable within a finite time frame s m a r t goal
    • Mapping the Require-to-Deploy value stream using Lean techniques
  • Workshop with key stakeholders to create DevOps roadmap
  • Presentation of results.
  • Meet with executive sponsor(s)


12 days consulting fee plus course fees plus expenses.
For 20 people, for budgetary purposes estimate US$70,000-$80,000.