Better Demo

Demonstrating your product is one of the riskiest elements of selling, and often one of the most poorly executed.

    This training teaches the right mental attitude, approach and techniques for effective demos of anything.
    It is developed from a background of software sales but is applicable to any demonstration of product from vacuum cleaners to aircraft, from houses to websites.

    Your demonstrations will be more effective in closing a deal and less likely to blow the opportunity.

Key areas covered are:

  • Tailor the message
  • Less is more
  • Control, limit risk, avoid the demo god
  • Respect your audience
  • Teamwork

The EnGrok Better Demo course can be delivered as a three to eight hour workshop. (The longer workshops include trainee certification and more practical exercises. There is no extra charge).

Better Demo is also available as one-on-one coaching, and as a trainer resource package and license.

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