Better Presenter


The EnGrok™ Better Presenter training is particularly suited to one-on-one presentation coaching. Got a big presentation coming up? Perhaps you have a single issue you want to resolve, such as "um" or movement or writing engaging content. Or generally want to improve your presentation skills?

    Better Presenter takes a holistic approach to all aspects of presenting.
    It provides an analytical tool to identify strengths and weaknesses.
    It provides the ideas and techniques to improve.

    Better Presenter builds confidence resulting in a better presentation.
    It ensures you deliver an effective message.
    And it allows you to relax and enjoy presenting more.

The course draws on the extensive experience of the trainer and specialised techniques that cover (as required) some or all of:

  • Self analysis
  • Mental management
  • Engaging an audience
  • Planning and design
  • Content design
  • Off-the-cuff speaking
  • Adult learning
  • Presentation critiquing
  • Body language
  • Media

Training is delivered in one or more three-hour coaching sessions custom-designed to the trainee based on an initial 90 minute consultation.

Coaching is available at NZ$220 per hour plus travel expenses from Wellington New Zealand.

Training courses also available.

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