Better Tech: The Seven Tasks of EnGrok


    The Seven Tasks of EnGrok™ is a bootcamp or series of workshops to help technical people develop their careers,
    and to align themselves and their services to their employer’s objectives.

    For the employer the result is higher value employees who

      focus more on desired organisational outcomes,
      are more pro-active in adding value to the business,
      and better align their development and training with the directions of the business.

    The benefits are more value from employees:

      more effort better directed;
      less loss of valuable IP as people fall behind current requirements and attitudes;
      and better cooperation with shifting requirements and changing operating models

    For the employee the result is a broader scope for growth, greater job security,
    and a clearer view of their own value and future.

Better Tech is targeted specifically at technically-oriented people - "geeks" - those who do not typically have a strong grasp of politics, commerce or organisational dynamics.
It addresses the danger that techs will resist change, become complacent, lose perspective, grow alienated, withdraw from the organisational community or develop a dysfunctional relationship with management.

Better Tech works by challenging people's assumptions about their own value and future.
It takes them out of comfort zones and builds confidence through new skills.
It inspires and motivates most attendees and opens new career direction and energy.
It teaches what matters in business, where we fit in the mechanism, how to enjoy work and advance, how to add value and make a difference.

There is no rock climbing, people-tossing, or falling backwards. Challenges are real and directly applicable to the work environment, while still being stimulating and different.

Training is typically 2-3 days - we will customise to your requirements.

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